Spécial Rib of Beef
Spécial Rib of Beef

Spécial Rib of Beef

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The GRAND Berger alias The Special Rib of Beef,

Recommended for REAL meat eaters of all kinds with its recognizable shepherd look, its long handle and its large blade, making it the biggest and most mastoke knife of our entire range.

STEEL 420: Quite simply the most used steel in cutlery, 420 is an easily sharpened steel that will keep its edge for a long time and unlike others it is stainless, which means that it does not rust. You can rest easy with our blades.

Hard of a light pinkish brown color with a homogeneous texture, Plane tree wood resembles Beech but it has a characteristic mesh of rare beauty. Formerly used for wheelwrighting, workbenches, butchers' blocks, rifle butts... The plane tree had to be a solid wood that would hold up.
(perfect for a pocket knife)